Full “Snow Moon” in Leo 2022

Looking at today’s full snow Moon of 2022 I see that Uranus and Taurus is front and center 11 degrees 11 minutes 11: 11 for the numerology conscious amongst us. It is conjunct the Full Moon rising at Taurus 16 degrees. this is the second time that Taurus has been at the helm of a new or full moon this year. We started off the year with a New Moon rising in 10 degrees Taurus conjunct Uranus on January 2, 2022. Looks like Uranus is rising to get something done In Taurus.

Do you have Uranus planets 10-12 degrees Taurus once again this lunation may feel very personal to you. This includes the fixed signs born between the 1st-3rd. Of February, August and November respectively. Also included will be personal planets sitting at or around 11 degrees. It looks like you may be a little antsy, hot headed, frustrated or all of the above. One more thing, you also may be feeling quite a bit amorous.  

Mars and Venus are exactly conjunct 16 degrees in Capricorn so this would definitely have an effect on Capricorns Suns or risings born around the 6th of January. I’m not sure what exactly I’m looking at here but I’m seeing Uranus in Taurus 11:11 conjunct the ascendant 16 degrees exactly trine Mars and Venus 16 degrees. Here is the thing about degrees being exact, it’s a given something is going down. These two Earth signs I believe might be up to something good, passionate, warm and friendly. Aries and Libra may not be happy campers. 

Uranus is exactly trine Mars and Venus. I expect something that comes up all of a sudden like Bam! Mars and Venus are Bam! Bam! Uranus is involved so its Bam! Bam! Bam! Somebody is going to have a good time the next few nights or a very bad night, lover’s quarrel, eternal triangles built or dissolved. Once again Aries and Libra this may very well be you.

The Full moon itself is 27 degrees Leo so it’s sitting right on top of Aquarius and Leos born around the 16th of February and August, along with the other fixed signs in May and November of the same time. Give it three days and let Aries, Libra, and Taurus have some air, they might be feeling a little stuffy and huffy, horny and corny. Space ……………………………………………………………….lots of it.

Saturn is pretty much (exactly) square Uranus and Full moon Ascendant and it’s opposing although in shadow the Full moon in Leo. Pluto and Mercury are still right close together although they’re in an out of sign conjunction. Mercury is finally back into Aquarius still conjunct Pluto so those two Energies are still very strong. The talk is about power and humanity, sounds like the Ukraine and the January 6th commission.

Mercury’s moving on in Aquarius now, to probably go start something with Saturn once he crosses. I don’t know how long is it going to take him to get up there. Whatever Pluto and Mercury conjunct for so long in Capricorn discussed, it will be readdressed when Mercury connects (exactly) to Saturn, squared by Uranus (exactly). I’m thinking something (s) or someone (s) is coming to an end destroyed and/or punished. My moon and Uranus are 12 and 13 degrees respectively, I hope it’s my landlord. I’m ready to throw a molotov cockt**l.

Pisces is in the middle of everything! Jupiter’s 10° Pisces and Neptune’s 21° Pisces they’re both like sitting in the middle, sextile Mars and Venus, sextile Uranus. Whoa those earth and water signs may be suddenly declaring love and happiness. Just remember no means no! and don’t blame it on the alcohol.  Neptune is definitely in the middle of everything at 21 degrees he’s sextile Mars and Venus in Capricorn. Neptune may be adding some blinders to this or providing a healthy dose of romanticism of the highest nature. My goodness looks like Uranus and Neptune are also sextile each other.  Neptune, Mars, Venus sextile (in harmony) I don’t think it’s about the Full moon today. Neptune is involved the full moon is camouflage.  

If you are a Leo or an Aquarius born anywhere around the 17th you might have something going on here too now, the North Node is in Taurus and it’s Square (exactly) the Full moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius.

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