Our New Moon in Aquarius 2022

The January 31st New Moon in Aquarius has Libra rising at 19 degrees conjunct Part of Fortune with it’s trine to Saturn/Sun/Moon in Aquarius is personal to you October 12th Suns. Where is this energy manifesting in your chart? What are the houses involved? Are there any aspects to other personal planets, and are they good or bad? Why? Who else may be involved in this situation, is it a beneficial opportunity? These are some of the questions I would ask in a personal reading. DIY is to take the chart and put your own planets in their proper places.

Wherever the New Moon falls in anyone’s chart is an area of special interest because the New Moon is traditionally a time for new beginnings, new ideas, and new directions, usually up. In the innovative. original, sign of Aquarius this is an area where thinking outside the box just may be the ticket.

There are some issues that indicate that things may not run ultra smooth though and this also has to be taken into account . This would be the area that Uranus in Taurus 10 degrees is making a very tight square to the Sun and New Moon so there is a very great possibility that something may jump off . But since Uranus is Aquarius’s ruler and this is a New Moon with Saturn, Aquarius’s other ruler, this could be a hard or sudden, but favorable choice to be made. For instance think of a amicable divorce agreement , no fighting over money, house, and custody. There is a realization that things won’t work if they continue as they are. I used marraige/relationship as an analogy , but this could be job related, income issues, health problems, etc. Suddenly you awaken to the fact that your situation is fixable through change. When Uranus and Aquarius are involved there is most likely an emphasis on freedom in any of the aforementioned situations. If the freedom desired isn’t granted, it’ll be time to leave, the job, relationship, income structure , and start anew.

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