Full Moon in Aquarius 2022 “Oh Boy”!!

First of all I come in peace ✌, although this planetary line up is anything but peaceful. I’m not spreading fear , im just relaying what I see in the heavens now and who this is going to effect the most. We have a Full Moon in Aquarius at 19 degrees opposing the Sun at 19 degrees Leo, no biggie it happens every year right? Well tonight it creates a Grand Cross in the fixed signs, which is the prima donna of terrible aspects, or line up of the planets. A Grand Cross is when 2 celestial bodies are opposing each other while simultaneously squaring 2 more celestial bodies. Tonight this energy manifests as the Full Aquarius Moon meets up with Saturn opposing the Leo Sun , while both also square (not good) off with Uranus/Mars/Node in Taurus and the Node in Scorpio. In plain speak all the fixed sign energies are fighting and they are big wigs , Uranus, Saturn, the Nodes, a Full Moon, Leo Sun, and Mars ♂.

I wouldn’t be so pessimistic except for who is involved , Mars with Uranus and Saturn. The Leo Suns more than likely are not taking this intrusion of their season kindly and definitely expect to hear them roar and loud!!! I would tell them to please hold their temper and go somewhere and sit still and try and be quiet and cordial, but Leos don’t listen to me either. Is there anyone they do listen to , let me know?

Okay let’s break down who is in the line of fire, on the hot seat, most likely to not suceed today, etc.etc. etc.

Leo ♌ , we’ll let you go first born August 11-12th today is your birthday but we still may have to tone it down a bit, The Full Moon is opposing you exactly, Uranus is squaring you exactly. Exactly in astrology means a lot because ish pops off when things line up exactly , it’s like that TV chef, BAM! August 15th birthdays Saturn is opposing you exact, he’s not giving your energy back , so do your best. August 17th birthdays Mars is squaring your Sun exact this is a potentially violent aspect with the moon full and all the other planet shenigans. Just know that if you mix it up , you may lose , and what are the rest of us going to do , you know we gonna miss you, if you go away somewhere. This also pertains to Leo planets 18-19 degrees, 24 degrees, 22 degrees.

Taurus ♉ birthdates May 9th and 10th you’re getting an exact square from the Sun and the Full Moon and Uranus is sitting on top of you, this bodes for all Taurus planets at 18-19 degrees. Birthdates May 13th and Taurus planets 13 degrees , Saturn is squaring you exact. May 15th birthdates and Taurus planets 24 degrees Mars is sitting on top of you exact. Whew Taurus, that’s a lot of energies that don’t mesh. Uranus is trying to break you out of your shell, Saturn is inhibiting that type of sudden freedom and Mars wants to fight about it. You could really lose your cool and do the ” bull in the china shop” thingy. I’ll just tell everyone else to leave you alone, “LISTEN LEAVE TAURUS ALONE!!!”

Aquarius ♒ birthdates February 8th and Aqua planets 19 degrees you’re getting the exact square from Uranus and the Nodes, the opposition of course from the Sun. February 11th birthdates and Aquarius planets 22 degrees , Saturn is sitting on top of you, poor thing, this dude don’t make it easy to do NOTHING!! I don’t care what nobody says Saturn is just damn mean, periodt! February 13th ooh that’s close to my birthday , Mars is squaring you exact from Taurus . Here the thing my Aquarius brothers and sisters we’re human beings , we are less likely to lose our tempers than our fixed sign animal brethen. I’m just saying we have a tendency to think before we act. We can see the penitentiary as Tupac sang, the hospital visit, the Po Po shooting us in the back if we make one wrong move. So Aquarius put your thinking caps on and weather this storm. With Saturn sitting on your sun I doubt you have any energy to fight anyway.

Scorpio ♏ this can become really personal in so many ways because the Nodes of fate are involved. There is a good possibility that something is meant to happen at this time only you and your chart know what that is, but im pretty sure you have an idea, because this energy has been hanging around for a minute. Birthdates November 11-12 and Scorpio planets 18,19 degrees the South node is sitting on you exact and of course the North node is opposing you along with Uranus exact. November 15th birthdates and Scorpio planets 22 degrees , Saturn is squaring you exact. November 17th birthdates and Scorpio planets 24 degrees Mars your co ruler is opposing you exact from Taurus and your 7th house of open enemies, business partners, and marriage. Yeah I know you have a lot on your mind, you haven’t felt this hemmed up in awhile.

All of the above dates and degrees are roughly between 18 degree to 24 degrees of the fixed signs, which is close proximity without the exacts. So if you’re anywhere near these degrees 5+/- or have birthdates 5+/- this will touch you also. You are close enough that if there fire you can smell the smoke , so keep your antennas up and stay safe out there.

Of course there is a lot more than just this going on Pluto in Capricorn 27 degrees and Neptune 24 degrees Pisces are like two peas in a pod , everything’s Hunky Dory there.

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