New Capricorn Moon 2022

May 2/3 birthdates you’re up, today’s New Moon rising is 12 degrees Taurus conjunct Uranus square Saturn , let’s begin the begin

Well here we are at the very first New Moon of 2022 , as the chart displays it’s rising at 12° Taurus , which means if you have an ascendant or personal planets at this degree in the earth or water signs especially , you may be off to a very good start, promising no less. If you were born on the 3rd of May , this New Moon is very personal to you because your Sun not only conjuncts the New Moon chart but it also in benefical trine to the New Moon itself with Sun and Moon also at 12 ° Capricorn ♑ . If you were born on the 3rd of January this is also a day to feel purposeful , be purposeful and start anything that your heart desires with confidence you have great energy with you.

I give May and January 3rd as exact birthdates but please keep in mind that any birthdate within 5-10 days will also be in this positive energy realm , albeit weakened somewhat. Water signs that have these qualifications are also in a positive place to be as this should be an easy day to plan, think, and begin whatever is important to you in the houses ruled by these signs.

What about the fixed signs and other mutables? Well, with Saturn and Uranus also in the mix in challlenging posititions things could be a little dicey for Scorpio especially , Aquarius, and Leo . Birthdates on and around the 3rd of the fixed signs have a little maneuvering to do, but this is a New Moon , no time like the present, to at least get the ball rolling . Birthdates around the 3rd of the Cardinals ( Cancer especially, Libra, Aries ) same thing let’s get that project or idea started and at least see where it goes. This is what you are best at ideas and getting them to the starting gate. On your mark, get ready, set ___________!

Now when delegating a New Moon it’s important to put the New Moon chart next to your own natal or solar chart . New Moon energy is a time for new beginnings, the moon is no longer waning (when energy decreases) it will now continue to grow (waxing) for two weeks until it’s full again. This is the time to begin, manifest, issues that you wish to improve, grow, and become abundant. In occult circles this is traditonally a day to do money spells, business spells, ask for increases in whatever area of life that you need to prosper and grow.

Well, where pray tell might that be? Look for the area in your chart that matches up with the New Capricorn Moon and Sun at 12 ° making an exact trine to 12° Taurus rising in connjunction with Uranus at 10° Taurus. Here is where things can get interesting because we also have Mr. Saturn also at the same degrees in Aquarius. Of course Saturn is challenging all that kumba ya energy, he doesn’t like to sing anyway, not until the fat lady does it. So no it’s not over yet the fat lady hasn’t sung, just enjoy the music you like until she graces our presence with here thundering voice.

Of course with any astrological situation there are a multitude of scenarios that play out in any given chart. What you will want to concentrate on is the houses involved and any planets especially personal ones . More often than not when a personal planet especially Mars joins the party anything can happen in that area of life. I have taken the liberty of drawing up a New Moon chart for today. If you would like your own New Moon transit chart send me and email at with birth information and i’ll send you one.

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