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Daily Horoscope



As she leaves your communication sector Venus, planet of love leaves your communications in safe hands with Mercury, planet of communication taking the rounds. With your communications in safe hands Venus is able to turn her and your heart's focus onto home and family matters, just as the Moon makes this a day for having your professional hat on. Any work/life balance conflicts this creates is a chance to make this a priority from the get go.




Just before the Moon leaves your financial sector today and just hours before Venus leaves your income sector, they will move into opposition, each benefiting from a bit of pressure from the other. With Mercury and his smart head for money staying on to keep income matters afloat and Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos returning next week income matters are in safe hands, with a bit of financial tension keeping you on your toes and motivated.



Two things happen as Venus leaves your sign today, both of them good. The first is that leaving your sign Venus will leave you with the desires and expectations that will provide the framework for a new solar year that won't begin for another 2 weeks, giving you a sense of what you want from the future before it even begins. Secondly, by leaving your sign Venus becomes the first planet to return to your income sector this year, opening the door to new income opportunities just 4 days after a Full Moon in your work sector.




Just over 6 weeks before your birthday month and new solar year is due to begin, Venus returns to your sign today, giving your heart the first and a very early chance to have its say in how the coming year unfolds. Venus is the first planet in your sign since last August, with a chance to finally start putting yourself first, asking what you want both now and moving forward, along with a chance to bring the fun and romance back into your life and for some indulgences.




An alliance between Mercury, planet of communication and Ceres is not only creating an auspicious partnership between friendship and relationship forces, ideal for friendship and relationship building, but the start of what is destined to be a beautiful relationship. Over the next 2 months they'll dance into and out of this embrace, Mercury providing the means to keep the communication lines open and between them creating ideal conditions for friendship and relationship building.




As Venus leaves your career sector today she leaves things in the very safe hands of Mercury, not only the smartest and most intellectually savvy planet in the solar system, but your ruling planet. Normally here for just 2 weeks Mercury will stay on for the next 2 months and is already building a strong relationship with work and income forces. Aware of the importance of having the right work/life balance, you're now able to play a smarter and more strategic game.




Just 4 days after a Full Moon in your income sector brought of mix of motivation and a trigger for latent income potential, Venus' return to your career sector is a chance to capitalise on that as new professional doors open. As the first planet in your career sector since last August, where she was the last planet to return last year, this year she's the first, giving your heart the first say in where to from here as your professional desires and expectations kick in.




Within the space of just a few hours first the Moon leaves your income sector but then Venus leaves your financial sector, but not before first moving into opposition. While this will once more see financial tensions come to a head, it will leave you with a nose for money and your financial desires and expectations fuelled. With Mercury and his smart head for money staying behind to keep money matters on track and Saturn and his steely sense of resolve doing the same on the income front, this will bring the right wakeup calls at the right time.




Just before Venus leaves your relationship sector and the Moon leaves your sign today they'll move into opposition, bringing personal and/or relationship tensions to a head once more, this time in the right way and at the right time. As well as leaving you with a clearer sense of your own and your relationship needs, this comes just as a partnership between communication and relationship forces peaks, creating the potential for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough.



As Venus leaves your work sector today she leaves you with a clear sense of where your heart stands, with a need to appreciate just how important knowing what you do and don't want is, regardless of how long it takes to make things happen. Things should be a lot more urgent on the work front, yet even forces that would normally be calling for snap decisions and for you to think on your feet favour a slow and steady approach, keeping your mind and your options open.



While Venus' departure from a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart today is far from the end of the story, with matters of the heart retaining plenty of support, her return to your work sector puts pressure on a need to find a balance between work and play. As the first planetary activity in either of your professional houses this year, Venus is here to open new doors and attract new opportunities.



As she leaves your home and family sector Venus not only leaves you with a clear sense of where your heart stands and of what you do and don't want on the home front, but with the support needed to continue to walk the talk and more importantly keep the communication lines open. With the pace of life, especially on the work front, picking up and some busy months ahead of you, the time to ensure you have the right work/life balance is now.