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Ms. Cecelia Ann Your Astrologer

Ms. Cecelia Ann is a Sun sign Aquarius who has accumulated a wealth of knowledge over 40 years of Astrology exploration, learning and readings. With planets Exalted in Mercury, Moon and Venus and Saturn and Jupiter in dignity is quite the eclectic balance needed for a totally objective, unabashed summary of your concern. 30 years of Tarot work has resulted in a special wisdom gained only thru time. Her warm embodiment of this friendly air sign will make you feel as though you’ve known her your whole life.

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For a truly enlightening one on one consultation please email your birth information (also with Tarot) and list your concerns and issues. If applicable include the names and birthdates of other individuals involved in your question. 

Email me at Ms.Cece@zodiac-whisperer.com ahead of your reading for optimum service. I don’t waste 20 minutes asking 99 questions , I hit the clock reading. For a list of all services click Book an Appointment  to  choose which service and the amount of time you would need.

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