28°Cancer Risings and July 17th Suns this Full Moon is Personal to You

This January’s full moon comes in at 28° Cancer rising opposing both the Sun but also Pluto . If your birthday is July 17 especially but in and around a day or two also and/or your rising is 28° Cancer give or take a few degrees, this moon is a powerful presence for you. This would also apply to the Cancer Moon children who feel everything personally. I apologize for being a bit late here , full moon energy is potent for up to 3 days after so I’d thought I’d give it a go. Also Pluto will be hanging around for at least 6 months to a year, no less than that. This is where the relevancy dwells here.

*** The actual planet affected degrees would be any Cancer planets 23°-03° , although from 23°-28° this energy is waning (leaving) but still potent. The same numbers and principles apply to birthdates in July and August.

It would seem that there is a lot of energy concentrated in your health , work, and service to others sector, but also conjunct your 7th house of partnership. Are you taking care of yourself , or are you burdened with the need to help others? Are your pets in good health and up to date on shots?The Sun joining Pluto would suggest a transformative time here on this day where revelations both informative and monumental may come to a climatic end or permanent change. Pay attention because this is just the beginning of a continuance as the Sun moves on and Pluto remains. I say continuance because Pluto has been opposing for quite a while now , so buckle down and do what needs to be done, no matter how difficult .

This is what you don’t do when under a strong Pluto opposition. Don’t try to weild power you think you might have! When Pluto is involved you are being checked on your use of power and control. Don’t let anyone lord it over you, stand up for yourself , but don’t you be the selfish bully because you will fall.

EXAMPLE. Pluto was exactly opposing Bill Cosby’s Sun when he was sentenced to prison at 80 something years old. I’m guessing that his annnouncement he was going on the road after the first trial set him free made him feel in control and powerful again. Not!! when Pluto is opposing any personal planet. Pluto’s presence is an indication that you have powerful opponents and to know how deep the waters are before swimming in them, and most definitely check for shark infestation. What would I have told Bill? Bill wanted to buy NBC apparently he thought he had the juice (power) since he put the network on the map with “The Cosby Show”. It looked that way from the surface but once again Pluto forces you to go below the surface, he doesn’t dwell up here anyway. To make a long story short, as we all know Bill fell and he fell hard, transforming his whole life and lifetime of work and charitable contributions to HBC (historically black colleges). Pluto’s lessen here , know your enemy, stand in your power, don’t relinquish power IF you have it, otherwise sometimes the most powerful move to make is to back away, and live to fight another day.

Now am I saying that all this drama is going on in your life? Of course not . Can charts with these stats get testy? Of course they can.

This Full Moon is also personal to you if you have Libra, Capricorn and Aries planets at these same degrees and you should check the houses they are in . The houses they occupy will be negatively impacted by the squares and conjunction.

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