Welcome to Capricorn Season and Winter Solstice


It’s that time of year again when the utmost discipline and focus is needed to achieve our goal. Sagittarius season was so much fun, lighthearted , not particularly focused on any one subject or person.

Venus is also retrograde in Capricorn, along with the sun there is another different type of opportunity. We now have the chance to go back and fix the house that Capricorn represents with the values of Venus.

For example if you are Aries sun or Rising more than likely Venus is in your 10th house. So this is an opportunity for you to go into your career sector and analyze where you can add more value to it. This is a good thing because with the Sun being there this will help you focus which is something you have a hard time doing.

Likewise Capricorns who usually don’t concern themselves with fancy threads may feel the urge to remake themselves with Venus in your 1st house of self. Don’t be surprised to see the Goats combine their normally well dressed classiness with a well placed frill. The desire to makeover suddenly is thanks to Venus trine to the sign it rules Taurus in Uranus . Uranus, the let’s try something new and different. Go ahead Goats it’s your birthday month!! Are those pink lace stockings with matching rose quartz earrings? Ooh 💃

Of course Sagittarius Suns and risings this is your time to increase your bottom line. Venus retrograding in the second house means you possibly missed something. Now that the birthday celebrations are behind you , take five and pick up your bow and arrow and see where it points.

Of course this is just a watered down horoscope, for a deeper understanding and in depth reading book a private session. Click on the link below you have nothing to gain but knowledge.

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