Mars/Saturn/ and Uranus on Unfriendly Terms

It’s already begun Mars , Saturn and Uranus are all 12 degrees of the fixed signs of Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius. Mars will move to 13 degrees with Uranus in a day or two but this is a tight configuration as well as situation. If you were born during the fixed sign months of May, August, February, and November on the 3rd especially , but also the 2nd and 4th, you are already feeling this or have felt it.

As I have explained before the slow moving planets of Saturn and Uranus have been in a negative aspect called a square for months aggravating and agitating the fixed signs born on the 3rd of the month. Uranus and Saturn move very slowly so the irritation is almost palpable , you get used to it, you work through it. But Mars is a fast moving planet like Mercury and Venus and when they come barreling and touching the situation it’s a catalyst. It’s like lighting a matchstick and throwing it onto a gasoline wood pile. The gasoline on the wood has been irritating for sure , who spilled gasoline all over the wood? It’s bad for sure but you’re dealing with.

Here comes feisty Mars in haughty Leo not asking or paying attention(Venus in Leo is chasing him) and with it’s impetuous nature just lights a match and throws it. In true combative style, now we have a situation that could become dire immediately. Because Mars didn’t look to see that the wood pile was next to a school , gas tank, etc. and would blow everyone to kingdom come. Now Uranus probably is the reason the gasoline was spilled, Saturn could have cleaned it up but no. Saturn doesn’t clean up other people’s messes, not those kind anyway. Saturn looked and said somebody is going to get hurt if that mess isn’t’ cleaned up and you can bet it won’t be me. I clean up says Saturn but in a totally different manner, it’s called Karma.

So Taurus you especially need a heads up because Uranus puts the sudden in surprise, surprise, surprise! and he’s sitting on your Sun squaring Saturn in Aquarius just waiting for you to be lazy and leave it. This is all your house of self so protect your self interests and don’t leave a pile of crap laying around that could blow up in your face (self).

Leo, Leo, Leo you are most likely the instigator since Mars is sitting on your Sun . You are feeling all the power of this magnificent soldier and have the energy of confrontation strong in you now. Don’t! go starting any fires !! that you can’t put out. You have Saturn opposing you and Uranus squaring you and both representative of your natural open enemy(males for the men and ladies for the females) Aquarius. They will put you down like a wild animal in the jungle. Control Your Emotions!!

Another serious potential problem here is Cancer season is your 12th house transit. 30 days before your birthday or rising is when the Sun passes through the most dangerous as well as sensitive part of your chart. As I have mentioned before many people do not make it to their birthday for this very reason. The 12th is the house of secrets, sorrow, prisons, hospitals, enemies , and all types of ill behavior. The worst part is 12th house transits make you your own best enemy. Don’t be you own worst enemy Leo, we love you despite , your sign after all Leo rules Love and the Heart itself, as well as children. Go fishing, solitude is a good thing to seek out, then when you return all that “where have you been ,we missed you ” attention will breath new life in you .

Aquarius, you’re probably sick with no or limited energy, Saturn is sitting on your Sun, this is common, just be patient. Saturn is like the mother in law who inhabits your space and there’s nothing you can do about it. This time it’s your father and he’s just keeping an eye on you making sure you straighten up and fly right. Uranus in your fourth is making home a situation where you’re have no idea when the shoe is going to drop again. The possibility of needing to house the mother or in law is real im not kidding about that. Mom might need medical care and/or attention, keep an eye on her .

Uranus being in Taurus at odds with Saturn in Aquarius will effect the bottom line. So watch Mars in the place of open enemies in friendship and/or businesses. These are people who may be ruthless or deceitful in competing against you. Arguments and literal fights may break out at a moment’s notice. Don’t start anything you’re not willing to finish, remember you’re a mind sign. Let them rant and rave then take them to court . Venus is also sneaking up behind Mars so there may be a love interest in the middle of this chaos. When Venus catches up to Mars this a lot of sexual energy and it’s G”OOD!! Still! make sure you’re in a safe environment, lock the doors, wear a rubber, check for psycho exes and ex spouses. What you say ” I’m scaring you”. Yeah I know.

Well , well, well, Scorpio doesn’t have any planets sitting on it directly,( this is a good thing for everybody) just Uranus opposing, Saturn and Mars squaring. Scorpio you’re at a place when a marriage or business partner may just leave because they’ve had enough of whatever. When Uranus is involved you just wake up one day and Bam! they’re gone. Mars and Venus are moving through the top of your chart , your energy is concentrated on your career.

Saturn is also in a place involving home and family . Your home, family, marriage, business partners, and career are sitting in a very potentially stressful atmosphere .Uranus has been in your marriage house for a while so you know what it is im talking about . If there is tension with current or potential business partners, you know about that too. Saturn in the house of home wants you to buckle down and get as the saying goes “your house in order”. This apartment complex collapse is a prime example of Saturn in the 4th.

Apparently there was structural damage brought to the attention of the HOA in 2018 an estimate of millions of dollars was needed to fix it . Nobody moved on it and Saturn said well im’ not paying for it , Mars came along and BAM! I’m saying this because with your Saturn/Uranus square that has been causing tension , Mars is going to set it off. How? I haven’t a clue. When? Soon.

This week might be a good time to give everything a once over. Your career and reputation is where the negative Mars energy is, Venus is coming to add some passionate vibes. Just be careful, sexual assault for a man is looking at a provocatively dressed women and telling her she looks sexy guys. Ladies this is also an energy when brutal rape is possible, make sure you know who you’re dealing with and always have a safe space. Stay out of bad neighborhoods, travel with a friend and carry protection , even if its just mace.

Everyone else wherever these planets are posited in your chart is where you need to be concerned. Contact for a further discussion by booking a reading.

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