The First New Moon of the Astrological Year, Time to Begin the Beginnings

Smoky Aries zodiac astrology sign for horoscope

Here we are on Spring’s doorstep with the first New Moon of the Astrological year, therefore the most powerful. This is one of the most important because of the connotation of new beginnings. The cold dreariness of winter is in the rear view mirror and warmth is beginning to sneak into the atmosphere. The rain is also beginning to fall , the trees are beginning to leaf, the lakes are beginning to thaw and refill. In unison with the sign of Aries ♈ , it’s time to wanna be starting something .

The baby of the zodiac is new to this world yet fears nothing. Perhaps its because it’s mother or father is always there to give the ram what it needs. Many of these natives stomp their feet, holler, and act like babies having a fit because , well, they are symbolically. They thoroughly expect to have their needs met because well, thats how it is. If a baby is hungry, wet, or just wants to be held oftentimes impatiently (just like Aries ) you will hear about it .

The Sun is Exalted in Aries, there is no other place the Sun wants to be than with the Ram. Their courageous , pioneering attitude and lack of fear and the abundance of faith holds no damp rainy days on these souls. Like the famous R&B song they have “Sunshine on a cloudy day” and “when its cold outside they have the month of May”. This is a placement where the courage combined with naivete of purpose is similar to the Fool tarot card appropriately numbered 0. Ironically it was the lamb of God, Jesus Christ who said that all you need is the faith the size of a mustard seed to move forward. This Ram will batter through a wall , although they probably should have walked around it , see the naivete. Nevertheless ! there is no doubt in their mind that they will reach their destination, persevere, and bravely go where angels fear to tread, but will happily accompany them anyway. People looking after babies are often willing to die for them need be . Faith is a powerful tool especially with the Sun super happy to match your contagious energy and accommodate you on your journey . Do they screw up, All the time! The baby walks a few steps , falls down, walks a little further, falls down. Do they stop trying to walk, heck no, there’s another room over there and they need to see what’s in it . This is the room where the food is!! I wonder what’s up those stairs they think, tomorrow im going to get up those too.

Happy Birthday Aries, walk the walk, talk the talk.

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